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Accepting submissions until Wednesday 06/01/2020

Thank you for your interest in the Real Estate Marketing Case Study.  The goal of this case study is to gain a better understanding of current marketing trends within the real estate industry. At the commencement of this study, there are few data points for real estate professionals to utilize to their advantage. Once the study is complete, we will gather the data and present it to each participant - ultimately, giving you the ability to use this information to enhance your future marketing strategies.

PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED IN THE STUDY:  Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Once consent is agreed upon, you will participate in an electronic based survey of open and closed questions. In this study, you will be presented with multiple questions to answer regarding current and previous marketing strategies, experiences, and budgets. The study is expected to take up to 15 minutes to complete.   

DISCOMFORTS AND RISKS FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE STUDY: There is no physical risk associated with this study. You may experience some eye strain, but remember, you can withdraw your information from the study. There is minimal to no expected social, economic, or legal risk for participation in this study. 

EXPECTED BENEFITS:  Each participant will be entered into a randomized drawing to win various prizes. Prizes range from $5 - $1,000+ in value. Not all participants will win a prize. Each participant will receive the results from this study once all submissions have been received. Expected results within one week (7 days) of completion.

CONFIDENTIALITY OF RESULTS:  Participant numbers will be used to record data. These numbers will be made available only to those participants directly involved with this study -- thereby ensuring strict confidentiality. This consent form will be destroyed within 3 years.  The personal data provided will only be used to send the study's results - any-and-all personal data will be removed from the results submitted to each participant.

FREEDOM TO WITHDRAW: You are free to withdraw from the study at any time.  You will not be penalized because of withdrawal in any form. Investigators reserve the right to remove any participant from the session without regard to the participant’s consent. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, or concerns/complaints about the research, you may contact Reelty Productions at 586.337.5389 or via email at casestudy@reeltyproductions.com

If you agree to participate in our research on a strictly voluntary basis, please begin below.  

This study will expire on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. 


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