Social Media for Business - 80/20 Rule

Do you spend time posting to social media on behalf of your business? If so, that's great! But chances are, you're looking to boost your views & engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) for each of your posts.

So, how do you that?

It's simple - by following the 80/20 Rule.

You may have already heard this Rule in relation to various strategies across a number of industries.

For business-focused social media, the 80/20 Rule looks like this:

  • 80% of your posts should provide value to your audience.

  • 20% of your posts should promote your product(s)/service(s).

The issue that most people/businesses have is that they do the complete opposite. They promote their product(s)/service(s) across 80%+ of their posts and provide little-to-no value for their audience.

Keep in mind that your audience is on social media to consume content that they enjoy. No one likes being sold to, especially on social.

If they enjoy the 80% of your value-driven content , the 20% of promotional posts you publish are much more likely to resonate with them.

Lastly, this strategy doesn't need to be an exact science. You don't need to make 4 posts just so you can promote your business in the next. The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that a majority of your posts are value-driven rather than promotional.

If you begin to incorporate this Rule into your social media strategy, you should begin to see a huge jump in your engagement (as long as your value-driven posts are relevant to your audience).

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