Marketing for Real Estate in 2021

A Covid-19 vaccine has officially been released to the general public. Over time, we'll slowly begin showing our faces to the world and things will eventually get back to normal.

If anything does change, you'd probably agree that it'll be the way we communicate with one another. Over the course of 2020, we've gotten accustomed to working from home, visiting with loved ones through a screen, and transitioning our lives towards the digital world.

At Reelty Productions, we're big believers in optimism and looking at the glass half-full. The digital future is inevitable -- the pandemic simply expedited the process. So, rather than fight it, you should embrace the digital age and find ways to take advantage of its almost-endless possibilities.

This post is dedicated to give you insights into a few digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2021. More importantly we've tailored it to focus solely on how to market your properties and YOUR BRAND in the new year.

2021 Marketing/Digital Media Trends & Predictions:

- Daily minutes spent watching video:

- 2020: 84 minutes/day

- 2021: 100 minutes/day

- Virtual events to increase 100%+ from 2020

- Facebook/Instagram organic reach to decrease

- LinkedIn/TikTok organic reach to increase

So, what does this mean for you?

It means that you need to get ahead of the curve and begin taking advantage of each of these trends. Here's how:

1. Daily minutes watching video to increase ~20% YOY

a. How to Win: Produce more video 🤯. People are more attracted to and engage more with video over images. While, images are difficult to create for some, video can seem even more daunting. Use tools like Animoto to create simple video that are more likely to capture your viewers attention.

2. Virtual events to increase by 100%+ YOY

a. How to Win: People enjoy virtual events because they can't attend live events in their underwear. Ease-of access for viewers and low costs for event producers are a couple reasons for virtual events' growing utilization. Look at holding a virtual open house - you can invite potential buyers to join you at a certain time or allow them to choose a time that works best. Our team at Reelty Productions creates virtual tours for properties - these are a great lead generation. Reelty Productions - Virtual Tours

3. Facebook/Instagram organic reach to decrease

a. How to Win: Even before Covid-19, organic reach across Facebook and Instagram's platforms had already begun to decrease. Trends show that this will only continue to get worse through 2021. While you shouldn't disregard Facebook/Instagram, just know that paid ads will be the only way to guarantee deliverability to your audience on these platforms.

4. LinkedIn/TikTok organic reach to increase

a. How to Win: Spend more time on both platforms! Let's say you have 100 followers on both platforms. If you make a post that is engaged with by your audience, LinkedIn and TikTok's algorithm will show your post to MORE than just your 100 followers. Take advantage of these free views by posting as much content as you can to both.

b. Tip: For platforms like TikTok, the interface may seem foreign. Simply make a fake account, learn the way the platform works, and look at posts that are having success. Once you feel comfortable with the platform, create your professional account and reap the benefits.

It's no longer a question if digital is here to stay. Not only is it here to stay, it's the future of how we operate and communicate on a daily basis. If you're looking to do business over the next 5, 10, 25 years, understanding the digital world will play a large factor in your overall success.

Go make 2021 your best year yet!

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