5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate

5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate

Whether you're an agent, investor, or anything in between, social media for real estate is a tall mountain to climb. Social media for any type of business/industry is difficult to win at.


Because there's no such thing as too much content.

The bigger issue is that we typically find ourselves selling our product(s) or service(s) -- when in all actuality, we should doing the following three (3) things:

I. Creating content that provides value to your audience

II. Creating content that encourages engagement

III. Creating content that helps build trust

If you use these 3 statements as your "Social Media Pillars", build the rest of your "Social Media House" with these 5 tips:

1. Establish Goals

  1. Stop focusing on followers! Well, not entirely -- but, don't let a goal of having x# of followers be your only focus. This is the easiest way to get discouraged and lose sight of your goals.

  2. Set goals that you can control. For example, start with a goal of posting 1x/week.. then 2x.. 3x... you get the point.

  3. Impressions, Engagements, Reach (we'll explain these in later posts) are just some of the metrics you should initially set goals for.

2. Narrow Your Focus

  1. Your focus should be narrowed in two (2) ways: 1. Audience | 2. Platform

  2. Narrow your audience by focusing on a specific demographic of people that you think might be a good fit to be your client. REMEMBER - your job is not to sell to them on social media. Your job is to provide them insights that will bring them value in some way, shape, or form.

  3. Narrow your focus when thinking about platforms. Again, think of your audience and think of what platform they might be spending their attention on. Go there.

  4. When you do decide on a platform (or 2) to begin with, pay close attention to how typical/mainstream posts look. Sales-y posts will immediately get skipped - so, on the few occasions you publish a promotional post, try to emulate what those other posts look & feel like.

3. Develop a Plan

  1. The simplest tip is the hardest to implement. Goals are easy, a detailed plan is hard, execution is the game.

  2. How many posts will you make each week? How many of them will be promotional? How many of them will provide value to your audience? Remember to always use the 80/20 Rule when scheduling each week's plan (more on this in our next post).

  3. Come up with a list of topics you like. Add more that you're knowledgeable about. Add more that other (*credible*) people have already posted - be sure to add your "two cents". A list of 100 topics is very good starting point.

4. Schedule & Engage

  1. Now that you've developed your plan, it's time to actually create the content & schedule it accordingly throughout the week/month/year.

  2. A good tip is to dedicate 20 minutes per day towards engaging with people who have commented on your recent posts. If you don't have anyone commenting (and even if you do), you should be consuming content in your field and genuinely engaging with them.

5. Track Your Success

  1. Don't focus on anyone else's follower count, etc. The only stats you're trying to beat are the ones you've earned in the past.

  2. Use the in-depth analytics that each platform offers to compare each week's metrics. Typical comparisons are week-over-week & month-over-month. Year-over-year is primarily used by those who experience seasonality with their product(s) or service(s)... and, well, those who have been at it for a few years :)

Social media is a never-ending feat. But, like any skill, you can get a lot better at it with just a little practice.

Be sure to stay tuned for a list of Real Estate social media topics coming this July!

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